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Well, interesting question ? It not uncommon to have many careers in a life time. Your aptitude and intelligence may lead you to quickly learn and perform that you no longer find interest in what you have pursued

Perhaps what will help you is to describe e yourselves in terms of your strengths. You may have already learned about Strength Finders by Gallup. Its an online program backed by 80 yrs of data and adapted by many companies. Look at leadership development sites that help you use the strengths you have in your top 5 and pursue activities that emphasize those strengths. Your career path can be in terms of the experiences that match your strengths in the field where can leverage your experience. It is critical to know that teaching yourself about your natural strengths takes time to observe how your strengths are expressed because each person has a unique pattern. Its like a wheel of strengths applied when you get up, approach your day, a process that is based on how you learned to compensate that influences how you approach and perform tasks. So don’t look at your career as a profession that aches a job posting in HR but a
path where you apply your strengths in a setting where you thrive because they demand and put you in rolls or allow you to fulfill roles that meet your strengths. You probably rank high in ideation, learner, realtor, action, being able to take strength terms like these and break them down into sentences that describe how those straights are naturally expressed help you choose what you want to do and communicate to others where you are most effective. The “tell me about yourself” question should involve a story about your experiences and successes and how your natural strengths supported them. You can be aware and purposefully pursue activities and delegate others based on what you know will be your desired outcome. Take a look and immerse yourself into learning what you naturally perform and succeed at compared to your peers. Then you can take your interest to any sector and confidently describe a path based on what the sector demands, the company culture, the department leader, and the rolls you choose to take on within them. Strength Finders starts with an online evaluation for $50. You get a life time tool at no extra cost accept for other leadership programs they offer. bIts not costly. This is a genuine product that has a strength scientific basis that is supported by the professsional fields. Take the time learn how your natural strengths are expressed and where you succeed because there is no training program necessary and there is no management program to encourage you to put your energy behind what you naturally do well that is part of your thought & behavior processing DNA since you were 9 yrs or older. I would take the program directly from the site look up keywords gallup cliftonstrengths . By the way, the way my top 5 strengths are expressed in order of dominance is 1. Relator (not what you think) 2. Analytical 3.) Learner 4.) Strategic 5.) Ideation …. over the years I have learned that these strengths helped me evolve into a solver persona where I fit into midsize $20M – $200M mature business structure and my purpose in all fascet of life is to apply my strengths to elevate potential by sharing insight and lowering barriers to achieve your desired.

So as a final illustration is that to realize that no one is paying me to spend time in my response to you, its something I am naturally driven to do, and enjoy sharing what I have learned and desire to hand off to you.