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Hi Amka,
I am 51 yo and have NO friends. I have work friends, friends from high school, but the only real friend I have is my boyfriend. I like you think I am a little overwhelming for neuro-typical people. I have a big heart, I am polite, I am hyper-active and tend to talk A LOT. I think I get on a lot of peoples nerves after they have been around me for a while. I pride myself on having what I call a sixth sense. I cal feel when there is tension. The only way I can describe it is there is “static” in the air. I do pretty much everything (that doesn’t interest my bf) by myself. I have learned to enjoy it, although I do end up talking to myself, which can be embarrassing when strangers notice. I’ve often wondered if I am really that difficult to be around and I just have to assume I am and that’s ok because I know I am a good person. I have a great sense of humor, I am a loving, caring person. To me that is all that matters. I understand the rejection issue you mentioned, and I think that may just be an over thinking, obsessing issue. I have to really work on this myself, but I feel like I have gotten better in recent years.
We sound a lot a like and I am sorry you are suffering. Might I suggest a journal to keep track of your actions and reactions for comparison after, let’s say, a month. It might help you condition your behavior, if that is what you are interested in doing.
Good luck to you in what ever avenue you choose to take.