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Thanks for the response jmoney! The foggi-ness is real whenever I’ve tried to have a conversation with myself about how to get to the bottom of my issues.

I can and will try the diagnosis and medicines route. This is time consuming in the UK, and even more so with health systems flooded with people dealing with direct issues (Coronavirus symptoms) and indirect issues (mental health problems brought forth by the pandemic).

But back to trying to sort out issues yourself – how did you approach this? Do you have advise for me to start?

To figure out where I’m more effective day to day: I’ve tried making lists of things I do well at work and don’t do so well, to refocus only on my strengths. Unfortunately, even for tasks that I do better than the average person, the inability to control my attention and focus render my advantage moot (hence I cannot rely on these tasks to help be build a great career).

To figure out if I need a career reboot and maybe switch to a more “ADD/ADHD friendly” career path.. the conundrum is exacerbated because of my ADHD. I am excited about every possibility (marketing? YES! operational stuff? WOW, LETS DO IT!). How do I objectively assess career possibilities adjacent to my current role (that are ADHD friendly) so that I don’t have to go down to a starter salary, and I can leverage my training / experience / education, while moving into work that is ADHD friendly?