Reply To: CBD


Caution: soap box ahead!

To everyone who says CBD has no effect:

  • Did you buy a reputable and tested brand?
  • Did you try a few different brands?
  • Did you play with timing and dosage?
  • Did you try a couple different delivery systems?

All treatments, especially chemical ones, can require trial and error to find the sweet spot. Many of us have done this with ADHD medication and it holds true with CBD as well.

You may not be willing to go to the effort and expense to do this trial and error, and that’s fine! But please resist then putting out incomplete info (“doesn’t work”) or warning others (“don’t believe it”). People are looking for helpful, thoughtful insights to help them make a decision on a very sensitive, important aspect of their lives.

We must always account for personal differences when we share. What doesn’t work for you might be just the thing for someone else. Please share your experience, your opinion – but please be careful what you put out there.

Thank you