Reply To: Pink 30mg IR from EPIC PHARMA

t foster

I have been taking Adderall for over 30 years. I’ve seen many in it’s generic form over the years. The oval orange 30mg have been the best comparative. This month I got a pink pill from Epic (which may not be Epic anymore) This pink pill with a cross reminds me of something called ‘Pink Hearts’ from Mexico we ordered off the back of a magazine years ago (Caffeine+ color). They had more affect than this product. I’m sorry, is my money not green enough? There are many of us older ADHD that CAN tell we are being exposed to this crap. If you want to save money, go after the Diabetics or the Cancer (oh wait, you all ready do that) Go after COPD, because it all the same when it comes to being able to function. Maybe worse when your older. I am really surprise at companies that should be more diligent in respect to their product and the people they are responsible for. You have made us YOUR CHILDREN and as such your responsibility becomes LEGAL. I hope I don’t get the pink pill next month because there are legal remedies. I will be passing on pills to a laboratory for testing. I suggest anyone else having trouble to consider the same step. If the results are as I suspect, Epic will pay the bill Thanks MOM and DAD for you time in this matter