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39 yo male. I’m turning to this forum because i’m hoping to find answers, as I’m sure you all are. I was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, but honestly, I always knew I had it. I’ve tried a variety of medications since then and none seem to work. The most luck that I have had is with 10mg ER ritalin. It seemed to be the secret sauce. It was like putting on glasses and seeing the world in abject clarity for the first time. No high, no euphoria, no jitters, just clarity. I could focus, prioritize, compartmentalize, was a great worker, and a better friend/all around person. Then, a month in, it just stopped working. The Docs raised my dose and the side effects were not good. I got jittery, euphoric, and then crashed and was chronically depressed for about a month. I then tried Wellbutrin to treat the ADHD and depression together. That drug did not work for me at all. Lethargy all day until a spike and then a panic attack. Tapering off of it caused more depression, racing thoughts and sleepless nights. Not fun at all and downright scary. Several months later I tried a small dose of Vyvanse for one day. It made my teeth feel weird and I was amped up and jittery all day. I’m clean off of meds now and feel like my usual blah, melancholy, ADHD self. Can’t motivate to get projects started, and when I do I can’t finish them. My routines are good, I exercise regularly in the morning, eat healthy, meditate and do breath work EVERY DAY. All of that work and it’s just enough to feel blah to normal. The hard part is that with the 10mg Ritalin I was able to glimpse a better version of myself, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever get there again.