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I think what you’re experiencing is pretty common. It’s not unusual to begin to question your career, your job, and your life after a certain amount of time. Especially in your 30s and 40s when you start to feel like everyone else has their dream or is moving up and you’re stuck in the same place.

It’s important to answer some questions for yourself about what’s going on right now.

– Do you like your job? If so, what do you like about it? If not, what don’t you like about it?
– Do you feel acknowledged, valued, or rewarded at work? Do you feel challenged?
– What makes you happy?
– Where do you put your effort? They say that you shouldn’t follow your passion, instead follow your effort. What do you put time into doing at work that doesn’t bother you, or that you do well?
– Do you want to move up? Or would you rather stay in a role with less responsibility?
– Have you taken advantage of opportunities for professional growth? If not, would you be interested in seeking those out? For example, asking a boss to take on a new project or to sit in on higher level meetings. Maybe taking a leadership class or finding ways to volunteer in other projects.
– Do you have the time or energy to commit to your job and company? A lot of times we don’t “get ahead” because we’re not driven to and we don’t want to give our job any more of our time and effort than we already do.
– Finally, are you happy? Are you taking care of your mental health? What is home like? Do you feel recharged? Are you battling depression? Are you getting professional help?

Mid-life and quarter-life crises are common. They’re opportunities for us to look internally and see what really matters, and decide for ourselves what we’re willing or not willing to do to be happy. I hope you find your answers, and also that you find your happiness and a career that you can enjoy.