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Well it’s been a long time in between posts from me. I’ve been talking with my son about the possibility of him and at least two of his teenagers having adhd. All I can do is offer the info and share my own experience, the next step is up to him and whilst he’s pretty sure he doesn’t have it (🤣🤣) he is willing to be tested and take the girls (all of whom have serious ADHD-type issues)as well……he just never….quite…..gets…. around…. to…it.
Finding resources and following through falls into the too-hard basket.
The thing is, I understand completely because he and I are so similar in many areas. I guess if (when) one of the girls reaches crisis point he’ll action something. It’s a vicious cycle – if I didn’t have ADHD I would probably be able to do more to help them…..but if I didn’t have it – they probably wouldn’t either!
Anyway friends, just having a vent.
Hoping you’re all well. Keep safe.