Reply To: New clothing sensitivity


This is really weird to me. I don’t really know if it’s connected to adderall. I haven’t considered it before. I’ve been thinking it was something environmental. I’ll just say I’m an adult and have been taking adderall for 16 years. And I also suddenly want soft clothes, because rough clothes do in fact feel weird. I’ve had a change anyway, and that happened about 3 years ago. My feet in particular are picky and I can only wear soft socks. I think it’s maybe an allergy issue? Maybe a chemical issue. I suppose it feels like what they describe when they talk about chemical sensitivities. At the same time this happened, I also became sensitive to fragrances. Especially ones found in things like drier sheets, and in some detergents(most). Maybe I’m just getting old(I’m 42), and this is fairly normal. I don’t know. But before pretty recently, I used to be able to wear whatever I wanted. And those smells I didn’t like, but they didn’t produce a strong physical reaction in me. I also feel very childish about this, the fact that I NEED these things. But I’ve tried just ignoring it many times and it is stubbornly persistent. I started taking 1/2 benedryl and a Claritin every day, and that has helped.
Anyway, I saw the words “new clothing sensitivity”, and felt I should add my thoughts. I’ll also second the suggestion that you should ask his physician about this. Maybe a food allergy making his skin extra sensitive? Idk. If you figure it out, I’d love to hear any solutions you find.