Reply To: SEVERE mind blanking


Just reading over the comments again and noticed a lot of people talking about anxiety. I’m 37 now but in my 20 my anxiety was crippling I was having anxiety attacks regularly. A doctor explained to me that vitamin B is what your body burns when coping with stress and anxiety and when it gets low then the anxiety attacks start. So I now take Vitamin B to deal with my anxiety and it works so well, I take it when ever I feel anxiety starting to edge in to my mind, a tablet in the morning for a week will settle me right down. Few things to remember, take it in the morning vitamin B also gives you energy turning food into energy, it will turn your pee bright yellow, take to much and you will become so mellowed out you won’t care about anything, I don’t recommend taking it with your medication give it 1/2 hour to an hour or you’ll get a strong energy buzz this is because your meds and Vitamin B are both stimulants. You also won’t always need to take it, monitor yourself take it for a few days when needed then go off it till you need it again. Also it helps with sleep, if you find yourself restless and hot at night even though you’re tired your Vitamin B in low.