Reply To: SEVERE mind blanking


Hi there,
I’m an ADD stay at home mum with an ADHD kid and 2 others. I’m well aware of the brain fog. Here’s what works for me and I hope it works for you.
1 – Diet, sorry but it really impacts for me – Fatty foods give me brain fog, sugary foods make me emotional. Fruit, veg and lean meats really help my brain (though I’m not that great at sticking to this!)
2 – Exercise – this is new for me but really works, 15min work outs, I was suffering bad brain fog in the morning and was just sitting in front on the TV for 2 hours every morning unable to get started on my day. But these 15min work out, just jumping around to happy music has changed all that, it just seems to kick start my brain. No more morning TV sessions and so much more work getting done.
3 – Singing – So I used to work in an office as an accounts clerk, very busy job lot of focus. Also I wasn’t diagnosed till I was 14. As a kid I started singing as a way of copping. When working and was overwhelmed or had brain fog I would start singing quietly to myself, did you know that singing actually relax’s the body? Make sure it’s a happy song to keep your mood up. I know it might sound odd but for me this is my ultiment copping mechanism.

One other thing, make a list wait keep reading! Have a note pad at the ready and just through out the day if a line or an idea even a word comes to you write it down. Then when you are ready to sit down and start doing the work you have a list of things to help you, to jog your memory to inspire you.

I hope this helps.

ADD mum