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I’m still waiting for Teva to ship new batches on April 4th. To prepare, my plan was to have my doctor send my prescription to a pharmacy and have my meds on order so that I can get them as soon as available. The parmacists at CVS, Walgreens, Drug Emporium, WalMart, and every major pharmacy said that corporate rules prevent them from ordering this med from Teva. I went to Costco, the pharmacist said thier distributor won’t order this med from Teva. But, she referred me to a locally owned compound pharmacy. I went to the pharmacy she suggested and the pharmacist was super helpful! He spent about an hour calling EVERYONE he could think of. He called his distributors, even other pharmacist asking if they are having the same problems ordering Teva generic dextroamphetamine….

After going through all of this, we learned that basically no matter what myself or any other person does, even though these meds are proven to be problematic and in my case physically poisonous, it is 100% impossible for any person, doctor or pharmacist, in the state of Louisiana to purchase any dextroamphetamine medication not made by Aurobindo.

The reason is because Express Scripts only includes Aurobindo on thier formulary and that is all they will pay for. This does not sound like a big deal, but Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana uses Express Scripts to handle all of thier prescriptions. Again, you may be saying… so what? Whats the big deal?

Here is the big deal! BCBS LA bought the only other remaining healthcare provider in the state, Vantage Healthcare, in 2019.

So now, no pharmaceutical distributor in Louisiana will stock anything besides what is on the Express Scripts formulary. It doesn’t matter if the med is hazardous, ineffective, poisonous, etc…

I called BCBS LA today and went through every detail with them. Everything, the side effects, my visits to doctors after being poisoned by Aurobindo, the FDA citations, everything. I requested, out of safety for patients that BCBS LA instruct Express Scripts, who works for them, to remove Aurobindo dextroamphetamine meds from thier formulary and no longer approve claims for any Aurobindo dextroamphetamine meds.

A BCBS LA representative assured me this will be addressed with Express Scripts representatives and they will call me back Monday.

One thing all of you need to understand is that the shady dealings by Express Scripts on behalf of BCBS LA does not just affect Blue Cross customers. By having a nearly 100% Monopoly on healthcare in Louisiana, Blue Cross has effectively prohibited ANY person, even the uninsured people who pay cash, from access to ANY drug not on the Express Scripts formulary.

Do I trust them… No, but hoping for the best.

One thing they don’t know is that I recorded the call, so I proof that they were made fully aware of the poisonous Aurobindo meds. And I am going to record the call with thier response.

Worst case senario, They say the standard line… “All generics are the same… we will only pay for Aurobindo”, and I end up with the next MEGA-VIRAL YouTube video where I play the recorded call and ingest an Aurobindo pill and the world can watch me breakout in hives.