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michael petan

33 I turned 60 and recently found out. Don’t beat yourself up, it won’t do any good.
Be patient, stay in tuned to your mood and energy and impulses.The only thing that “Really matters” is what you do next and next and next. It matters how you create an atmosphere and environment that empowers you to relax, breath, think and thrive. It takes time, mediation is key to me and even medication, I’m on Ritalin 10mg twice a day that is also helping but i”m an artist, painter and writer, creative director I’ve found what I’m good at. That focus and passion is key also, find it, grab it and dive into it, otherwise our minds will wrap us into knots, spin us in circles and create emotions that are not healthy. Stay positive, find your passion and grab hold of it, let go of anything that does not add joy, begin to weed out the “crap”