Reply To: SEVERE mind blanking


Thank you all so much for sharing…really great to know i’m not alone. I have to write a lot

3 things help me:

1. I have microsoft word on my phone. I open a blank document, I can speak into the phone and it writes it as text….so cool!!

as soon as I save it, it shows up right on my computer also, so i can go in and work with it on the big keyboard

2. I’ve been super slow and foggy for months, but this coronavirus will send me under financially if i don’t act super fast with my work, so that’s a big motivator…..and all of a sudden, I’m sharp and focused

3. this is quite big….right at the end of the ADHD book, “Scattered”, it says how when attend to ourselves, and to others, so when we have great relationships and no ADHD

sooooo…I try to have really good relationships with good friends and also with myself. not easy always, but I think it’s the key. I was in a lousy intimate relationship and had perma-brainfog. just the damn fear all the time, terrorises the brain.
I also think acres of endless time/ self neglect and abandonment shuts it down too. so i try to really balance it and self love

good luck everyone, and thank you for your shares too