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I am so thankful for finding this forum! I have been on the implanon for almost a year, and since around that time I have felt very apathetic (struggling to feel positive emotions) and have been extremely mood swingy. I thought that this was situational and not related to BC, even though in the past I have been on pills and they have made me really mood swingy (worse than this). But honestly, I am so relieved to read this. I have gone through a breakup and part of the issue was my crazy mood swings, and my lack of emotions didn’t help. I am booking the first appointment to get this stupid thing out of my arm (I was already planning on it), and I have my fingers crossed it will make a difference. I am very hopeful considering it really helped getting off the pill, and now reading this that it will help.

I have also told my other ADHD friends that their BC could be impacting their ADHD and they are also relieved.
Much love and warmth to you all x