Reply To: Violent Rages at School


My son is also 6 with the same sort of rage issues. He’s been diagnosed with ADHD for a year and just recently diagnosed as having some Autistic triggers. We’ve tried Vyvanse, Biphentin, and then Adderall for the last few months and we’ve found Adderall has helped him pay attention more to tasks, but he still has difficulty with rage, so we’ve topped him off with a little bit of Risperidone.
We’ve also gotten to know some of his triggers, such as noise, unexpected transitions, and substitute staff.
To AdeleS546, thanks for telling us all what we need to know about our children! That was sarcasm. It DOESN’T “all boil down to consequences” because people with ADHD don’t have the impulse control to stop and think about consequences.
Although I’m not violent the way my son can be, I was also diagnosed with ADHD last year. I can say firsthand that the ADHD medications help by giving that tiny split second of time to control an impulsive emotion. Until I started taking medication myself, for instance, I didn’t really believe people when they said they “almost” cried, because to me, there was never the opportunity for “almost.” By the time I realized I was upset, I was expressing the emotion, regardless of whether it was an appropriate time/place.

One more comment I have, albeit a bit off topic, is that I think traditional school systems aren’t built for kids with ADHD and ASD. I’m hoping to get my son through elementary school, and then get him into an alternative high school, followed by an alternative career!

My son is also amazingly creative and sensitive, and I have high hopes. So ‘Cheers’ to our emotional, misunderstood kids who can grow up to be amazing, high-functioning adults.