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michael petan

I have all them on the checklist for 50 years. When we look at the “dump” your list it’s easy to feel that when we look at one or two they can feel like “that’s just real life” no big deal. But it is the totality of the list, they pile up, and our days of full of these eradicate intersections with ourselves and others. When we mess up we feel worse! I have found mediation works for me, it forces me to sit still, to let my mind unwind, and acknowledge all the silly random thoughts of a monkey (me) to be present then let them go. I”m on Ritalin 10 mg twice a day, this has helped me a lot. It wont go away but our minds need a fu_king break, it is draining. Don’t be afraid to try medication, if it works you win. Mediation is also key as so is your diet. I found art and creative fields to be my mojo, my savior, doing work you love is key otherwise you’ll be in an environment, job or home where your always in chaos. Sort of like a Sid Crosby the hockey player playing point guard for the LA Lakers? Not good . . Love and Respect to you.