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michael petan

I have ADHD, I”m 60, here is what i can tell you from my own experience. When we act out, YES we’re looking for attention. BUT PLEASE remember that most of us with ADHD are learning disabled. So when we are in a group, or face to face or a party or even with friends we “must find a way to communicate” or as you say get attention but really as odd as it is we want to fit in. For me i used and still use humor, I was raised by a strict Italian Mom, south-side chciago, So i was “trained” to respect women so my humor was always respectful. But damn I swear a lot, i use humor and say things most people think to themselves but i say out load, people laugh, I get attention, they say damn your fu_king funny.” My point is i WISH of time when i can walk into a group and have them say “that dude is so smart” but my ADHD has made me feel numb with dumb for a lifetime. So i struggle and the easy way is to use humor. I understand their is BAD HUMOR, but let your husband know your in his corner, no one goes into a room wanted to look like an assh_le! Right? My wife relaxes me by holding my hand, rubbing my back and letting me know she love me as is, and most importantly she lets me know, it;s okay to still, quite and not compete for attention. Make sense? I hope. but ADHA makes us feel stupid and we all try to prove we’re not, ATTENTION is a drug. Love and respect to you! Give him comfort, and yes you do have a right to complain and be upset when the humor is offensive or hurtful, ADHD has a bigger impact on those around us.