Reply To: SEVERE mind blanking


I would like to share my journey. When I was very young I realized I could work better if I did several things at the same time, I.e., has two books open, music, tv plus homework and it has to be after 9 pm. My parents just thought I was naturally weird. In HS it was the same but an idiotic teacher told my mom that I’d they took away all the “entertainment” my grades would be A+. I was an A student. So they did, I could not work and my grades dropped to B-. It was a time when there weren’t many studies on ADHD. So parents just decided to let me work my own way, all the way to university and work. I can’t do good work during day time and I don’t know why. I get up at 5.30 am and I have added gardening and butterfly conservation to my “work”…. I have never taken medicines and am now in my sixties, I work full time. What can I do to get better?