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michael petan

Thank you for sharing. Incredible journey. I’m 60 years old with a similar experience, i was diagnosed 2 years ago. I’m on Ritalin now, it is working for me. I just thought i was “not smart” and like you i was punished for it by my parents and the educational system. In those days ( way back when) i was just labeled hyper active. I can tell you, like YOU i went into art, found something i was passionate about, I excelled and still do as a over paid creative director. I figured out I could concentrate on GOOD books like Catch 22, Slaughter House Five and Catcher in the Rye and On the Road. I had trouble focusing all my life but found there where things I loved and could concentrate on and excel at. I guess i can say when the “passion gene” is activated in our heads we can do quite well. This success does not make the ADHD go away BUT it allows me to have self worth, feel like I”m smart and i can surround myself with things i love, like and I’m passionate about. But i do dip into “that numbing dumb” feeling. Please stay strong, surround yourself with things and people who bring you joy, ignore the STUFF that confuses us, the world is made up of 95% junk, confusion, distractions, dribble and myths, Love yourself. Meditate . .. a lot. Keep posting, when you find that grooooove you feel better, be you, dents and all, all my love and respect from a stranger with ADHD.