Reply To: SEVERE mind blanking


I am so glad to see I am not alone with this issue! I finally found a doctor that agreed I had ADHD about 2.5 years ago. But the medicines have yet to prove effective enough for me :-/ I am 39 now but I started back to school about 2 years ago to finish my degree. At first, I had no problems with writing papers or getting work done. I am guessing because I was motivated by the thought of advancing in my career because of working on my education. Unfortunately, it didn’t help the way I expected but I refuse to give up. But writing papers has become increasingly challenging and I can literally spend hours sitting in front of my laptop without or writing very little. It amazes me that my frustration came to a head last night and today I got the e-mail with this topic! Thank you, everyone, for your advice…it really helped me feel better about myself.