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I moved here 2 years ago and cannot find any mental health doctors so I drive back to where I used to live. There is another city to my south but none of the psychiatrists take insurance. Cash only. I understand your struggle. I wish I could help you and everyone to get what they need to make it in this life. The mental health care is a disgrace. I so feel for the people in this town who have even more problems than I do. I’m sure they end up in jail, on the street, or no longer with us. The city never talks about this problem. The government needs to encourage more to go into mental health care by help with tuition or something. The DEA also needs to give waivers to the people who truly need these medications.
I wish I we’re stronger with no anxiety so I could start a movement. Speaking for ADHD’ers, and all people with mental health who cannot find a Psychiatrist, cannot get help or medication to make this life more livable.