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Yes, I’ve experienced similar. I tried to pick up my Vyvanse prescription on Tuesday, March 10 while I was in the Medical Building for another appointment. I explained that I did not want to risk more exposure by coming back on “the day” the prescription was scheduled to be picked up, Thursday, March 12. I am a 56 year old Master-degreed teacher. The doctor’s nurses refused! They said I had to return 48 hours later to pick up the prescription. Did they really think I was going to do something devious with a prescription written 48 hours early?
We are treated like criminals. I relocated last July back to my hometown and nearly never found a physician to write my Vyvanse or my anxiety medication, Klonopin. I had never experienced any problems in north Mississippi. In my hometown, I was treated as a junkie. They cited the “opiod” crisis. Neither of those drugs are opiods.
I do not know where all of this will take us, but they are treating honest, law-abiding adults like junkies. Something has to give. I cannot find a psychiatrist that will take me as a patient. They say those drugs are part of the opiod crisis. I have talked to the DEA Agents and they say they know I’m not doing anything wrong but they cannot help. This situation is out of control. We need help. We are not low-life people. Our doctors prescribed these medications for us and, now, if you move, no one cares. They do not honor the prescribing doctor’s knowledge, nor do they care how you are going to get off of the medication and offer NOTHING to replace it with. Well, I wouldn’t be on a medication for severe anxiety if I didn’t have a history that demanded it. I wouldn’t be on an ADHD medication unless I finally found a physician that did extremely thorough testing to prove that I was, indeed, ADHD. The pediatrician told my mama to take me to get treatment for my ADHD 53 years ago. She was afraid of what they would do to me. I was in my late 40’s before I finally got relief. Now, we are treated like criminals. What are we to do????