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You can have the IEP spell out EXACTLY what will happen in school and I strongly suggest this. Teachers are not skilled at this stuff, you as the parent need to be the expert and be sure the guidelines are clear for the student and the teachers. They also have to be really clear for the student or they are simply meaningless. My son found any school or home “punishment” useless and ignored any typical reaction lime removing things or not going on (probably stressful) field trips.

I suggest a behavior plan that is meaningful to your SON – even have him help write it. If he isn’t brought in, the adults will be spinning their wheels and behaving badly too.

Very important: the plan should be Short Term Goal Based – not punitive, not ling term- no end of semester prizes- they’ll be meaninglessly distant.

Teachers loved punitive, checklist garbage for my son & balked at positive short term goals- but he would shine when he had the better plan.

Praise matters A Lot.

IEP structure focused on:
Short Term – Win Focused – Include Your Son