Reply To: Violent Rages at School


Your son sounds exactly like my now 23yo step son. (Throwing chairs & other items, lashing out physically, etc) His angry outbursts harmed people and put his sister (6 yrs younger) in harms way many times. He was not always cooperative about taking stimulant medication, so we tried other things. We always had him in physical activities, etc. but they were not a cure. I swear sometimes that riled him up even more. So we had to choose carefully given the situation.

The best thing we saw- was a doctor who first tested his nutritional abilities- this evaluation tested hair, body fluids, etc to see how his detailed health was doing. We learned he did not process some things- like ceisin(sp) from dairy, that is used as a preservative. And some of these things could make his reactions worse. So that dr added specific dietary elements to his life.

He also, and I think very importantly, added a strong anti-anxiety medication. It was very strong at first, then tapered down. This worked very very well. As you can imagine, the extreme reactions could be from boiling over anxiety in given situations.

Today he does not take any medications- which were so helpful in calming his mind & body- and it shows- his anxiety and reactions have gotten him thrown out of the Army and living an isolated life. I hope one day he returns to the help he needs. I share this because we cannot blindly reject medication or any type of support- we simply need the supports that help them succeed, and they will change over time.