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Since you’ve been through this process with the school twice and they won’t help, hire an advocate immediately. You don’t have much time left for high school. Of course she needs passing grades to leave high school, but what’s more important is to better her skills and increase her overall confidence.

My son was on a 504 plan in 3rd grade because he was tested and “wasn’t behind enough” for an IEP. He struggled through middle school and high school became a disaster. We had outside testing done which was far more detailed and they discovered issues with his executive functions/working memory, and very low scoring in “inferencing.” Therefore, he was reading text and (1) wasn’t able to remember what he read because of the working memory, and (2) wasn’t able to determine the meaning/read between the lines as to what was being explained due to his lack of inferencing skills. At this point, with my advocate, we were able to get him on an IEP to begin his junior year. (Better late than never).

While the IEP has been signficantly more helpful than a 504 plan, the key to my son’s success has been hiring an Educational Therapist. She has been able to give him tools to help with the executive functioning issues, and has been working with a lot of various texts to work on inferencing skills. Not only have his grades come up significantly, but his confidence has made significant improvement. That alone helps with the overall school experience. While and Educational Therapist is not provided through the schools, it is a good supplement to school services.

Keep pushing Momma! Wishing you the best!!