Reply To: SEVERE mind blanking


#limpstringcheese, I would suggest trying to use other, non-written means of getting ahold of your ideas. I think someone mentioned this above, but you could record your voice onto your phone’s voice recorder while you are taking a walk. I often find that walking in a natural setting, no music, podcasts nor other mental distractions gets my mind unblocked, and I find that all kinds of ideas start to flow. If you are a particularly high energy person, even walking the steps in your home could release the blockage. If your mind is quite capable of formulating complete thoughts and arguments, you can listen to what you have recorded and transcribe it all word for word, then set to editing the work.

Another thing that works for me is list-making. For some reason, putting things into list form feels much less daunting, as there are no formatting and style rules associated with writing a list. Once I write down the general points, I sort of outline or mind map details and further questions on the list, and soon I have a lot to work with and several directions set out for me.

I feel so pleased that you expressed feeling the freedom to allow yourself to try something alternative. For those of us who struggle to do things the typical way, the last thing we need is to be shackled by our internal voices telling us that there is only one right way to go about our lives.