Reply To: Just Diagnosed with ADD – at 54!!


I had to diagnose myself at age 52. I have been to so many doctors and psychiatrists who all told me I was depressed. I have been on every antidepressant in the world but none of them worked nor did therapy. I had finally accepted that this was going to be my life and although it made me sad I just tried to deal with it but never really feeling good. I feel so stupid because I am a nurse but adult add was never on my radar. Finally a psychiatrist prescribed a stimulant for medication resistant depression. It worked minimally, but at least it let me function. As I get older I realize how sick of living with doing the bare minimum just to get by. I am unable to give 100% to anything. I do the bare minimum with everything in my life, being a mother, wife, nurse and friend. It is getting worse because now I am starting to get depressed because I have nothing in my life that I enjoy. Everyone who knows me including my family and co workers would be shocked to know how sad I am because I put on a good act. I am a few steps from falling apart and I think it is going to be bad when I do eventually. On top of my sadness I am angry at all of the times I went for help and was failed by all of the medical professionals, so I have lost faith in asking any professional for help. I am just lost but I am glad that you are feeling better thank you for listening