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I switched several years ago. Dexedrine is better. 75% of your Adderall dose would be roughly your Dexedrine dose. I take the Dexedrine IR now, but the only bad generic ER Dexedrine I remember off hand being really bad was made by Mayne. I think you will find Dexedrine very helpful. Both adderall and Dexedrine helped me, but the way I describe the difference between Adderall and Dexedrine is that with Adderall it felt like I took something. With Dexedrine, it just works, but I don’t ‘feel’ different. If that makes since.

If you do try the Dexedrine IR, be warned, the Aurobindo generic is horrible, you will have the worst anxiety of your life and feel sick as a dog. Personally, within hours of taking the Aurobindo my skin breaks out with huge welts, it’s bad! Any other generic, I’m fine, I take 6 off them everyday.