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Many years ago before I even knew I had ADHD, I used to smoke cannabis. It did help me, but only for so long until it started having the opposite effect. I think the reason it helps is probably due to the sedative effect. The sedative effect of cannabis can help you relax allowing you to not get so overwhelmed. However, this is a double-edged sword, because those of us who have ADHD don’t always know when to stop, and can easily abuse it. If you’re abusing it, it means it isn’t helping your ADHD. I honestly don’t think it’s a solution for ADHD. If anything, pro-longed use can just make your ADHD worse, or at least halts any sort of real progress to getting better. Cannabis withdrawal gives you brain fog for a while. You build up a dependence, and so the brain needs it. You have to give it time.

In regards to my own cannabis usage, it completely turned on me, to the point smoking it trapped me inside my ADHD mind, where I just had all these racing thoughts which I couldn’t control. This led to panic attacks, depersonalization, etc. If you’re saying the meds help with concentration, but not with memory, then maybe the meds aren’t working so well? I found that when I was on methylphenidate, my concentration was there, but it was more of a state of alert, rather than relaxed and able to think clearly. When I moved to Elvanse UK name (Vyvanse) in the US, things improved 10 fold. My memory and focus improved. I started on 40mg almost 7 months ago, and it still works. Also, it is known that prolonged heavy use of cannabis does affect your memory. If you’re sedating yourself every day, your brain is slowing down, and so your cognitive abilities are always going to be impaired.

What helped me more was by not relying on medication to inspire me, or to act as my only savior for productivity. Yes, the medication does indeed help you with that boost to get you going. However, it should only get you a percentage of the way there, with you, yourself actively trying to improve.

I should also note, I have some issues with OCD, which is known to be a comorbid condition alongside ADHD. It sounds like you have a slight OCD issue. What you’re doing is obsessing over this lack of clarity, which in turn leads to more anxiety, which in turn leads to more obsession at attempting to gain clarity to alleviate the anxiety. It’s an infinite loop, which you clearly see yourself.

An ADHD medication brains’ best friend, in my opinion, is “exercise”. Eat the right food. Workout daily, and along with your medication, you will find it improves the efficacy and the clarity issue.

Good Luck