Reply To: Violent Rages at School


I feel badly for the children who have ADHD and have impulse control. That said, I also feel badly for the other children who are on the receiving end of the temper tantrums and rage inflicted on them.
Hopefully, a professional can help the child and the mother find a solution that works for them.

I have a niece that is one year younger than my son. She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 6 or 7. Knowing about her diagnosis explained much of her behavior, but it did not make things easier on my son.
If my niece didn’t get her way when with other children, she would kick, punch or bite them, my son included. She would haul off and slap him for no reason, and my sister in law made it clear that I was not to discipline my niece.
One day, when we were down at the lake, my son asked her to stop throwing water in his face. He asked nicely, 3 times. The next time, she was about to throw water at him again, she looked over at me smugly, with that “you can’t do anything about it” face. I looked her in the eye and said: “he asked you nicely to stop”. She did it one more time. My son took a sand pail and scooped up some lake water, and threw it in her face in retaliation, knocking her off her feet. When she got to her feet, she was crying and sputtering, and threatened to tell her Mom. I told her: “Go ahead and tell your Mother. You can then explain to her that your cousin asked you nicely 3 times to stop, and you refused.” That stopped her dead in her tracks. She never told her Mother. It all boils down to consequences, as my sister in law soon found out.

ADHD may explain some of the behavior, but it does not EXCUSE the behavior. She would not see my point. My point was that if they didn’t find her help then, to figure out a way to deal with her impulse control, there could be serious consequences, especially as she got older. Another student wouldn’t care that my niece has ADHD if she became irritated at something and punched them in the face. It is a miracle that she wasn’t beaten up by another student.

I guess things worked out OK, for the most part. My niece is now an adult. She had a baby at 19, and seems to be a good Mom.

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