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After 6 years of intense therapy and monthly phyc appointments and I’ve lost count on how many med changes my Dr finally admitted she has known for over a year that on top of my other diagnosis she had already added severe ADHD to my diagnosis which I’ve most likely had since I was a kid and it was left untreated. She thought it would be best to exhaust all other options before she would put me on stimulants because of my past. So I have always struggled with school because I couldn’t focus or retain most of what we were learning. I had no impulse control what so ever and never developed that little filter in your brain that tells you when you shouldn’t say something. It popped in my brain and it came out my mouth. By junior high I was constantly in trouble and if someone pissed me off and the thought popped in to my head to hit that bitch the fight was on. I started self medicating at 14. I did anything I could get my hands on. I graduated with a D- because they just wanted me gone. I tried acid at 16 and I loved it. I was happy for the the first time and actually enjoyed the world around me. My senior year I wouldn’t go to school unless I had a hit to take beforehand. Coke followed for about a year. Then me and my best friend went to a tattoo party at the neighbors and had to work 3rd shift we were introduced to meth. I knew that I would never do without it again. It stopped all the issues that I had struggled with all my life. It turned into a 23 year love affair. I sat there listening to her tell me that most people who go undiagnosed resort to abusing anything that has a stimulant affect. All I could think about was snatching her up and choking the life out of her for using me for a guinea pig because she was holding that against me. But she explained to me that with the new regulations for schedule 2 drugs she had to be cautious because they could nail her to a wall if I was to relapse and it opened her up to a malpractice suit by me and my family. The new laws give them some play with stimulants but not much. They have the choice of either writing one script for a 3 month supply or 3 individual scripts. They also are free to decide how they set up their own rules for patients as long as they drug test at least every 3 months. I only get a month supply at a time but I only go in every 10 weeks to see her and test. Now my daughter has to go in every month and test in the office and every 3 months regardless if she’s passed the test they send the sample out to a place that tests for anything that could possibly be there. If there is anything that can show up in a urine they look for the marker and then neasure the amount in her system. Every 3 months by the time they send her a bill and her script it costs her about 650.