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Hi, Does she have 504? If so, what is her Disability? Did you ask about specific accommodations for EFD? If she doesn’t have a 504 and/or if you feel like the school did not do a thorough evaluation, have you considered an Independent Education Evaluation (private evaluation)? They are expensive, and I think it’s hard to get the school to pay, but it might be worthwhile so you can get additional information about her strengths and weaknesses and things that may not have been diagnosed.
I’m not a professional, just a mom of a DS with an IEP who majorly struggling with EFD (among other things), but I do not think EFD assistance is black/white, but it’s going to depend on her Disability. I’m in the process of prepping for DS’s IEP review and have found a lot of online resources about specific EFD accommodations, but I’m somewhat discouraged because I feel like by the time they are in high school, there are limits as to what the school is going to do.
Have you considered an exec functioning coach?