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Totally. Thank you for the time and effort in your response. I’ve been having such a hard time with him. Actually he just said he now refuses to go to the psychologist as no matter what he won’t pursue treatment … and so I have just asked him for a divorce and to move out this weekend. I can’t take being verbally and emotionally abused by him anymore.

What confuses me is how this ODD type behaviour has arisen – how did I just not see it before?! How could he have been so great and then four years ago when I was pregnant things started changing a bit with his attitude towards me. Now I feel like totally manipulated- I looked after his kids, helped with finances, been a good friend etc and then to be tested with such contempt I find so bizarre. I have been working with a psychologist for the last two years to unravel what’s going on and get to this point. Now it looks like we are getting divorced as he is choosing to not treat himself. Life is indeed a funny thing.