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I can say that for me when I was interviewing for jobs what I would do is write out potential questions in advance, and then also write out my answers to those questions. Then I’d read through those, practice them aloud, and try to recite them from memory. It helped me get rid of some of the interview jitters since I was prepared to answer the common questions.

I would also suggest owning your anxiety. It’s not bad to go into an interview and let them know you’re nervous. It can actually help break the tension.

Depending on what job you’re applying for, a lot of time they are looking for fit more than skills. If they’ve given you an interview they already think you’re qualified, so they want to get a sense of who you are as a person. Be genuine. Be yourself. Be engaged.

Lastly, there’s no “right path” for most of us. Usually we stumble upon our happiness over time. Some people get lucky and find it right out of the gate. What’s important is to find something that you can continue to do over time, rather than something that you do and it feels like an obligation.

Dr. Ned Hallowell suggests that people with ADHD look for the following in a job:
– Something that you’re good at
– Something that you like to do
– Something that someone will pay you to do

If you can get all three, great. If not, at least try for two. Definitely don’t settle for one.

I wish I had better advice. There are usually lots of employment resources out there either at schools or local employment agencies. A lot of those places will also offer interview prep. You can also rely on friends or family to help you practice for interviews or give you ideas of what to expect.

Bottom line, work and career choices aren’t easy and they aren’t always right for us. It takes time for us to learn what’s important to us, and then more time to find a job that meets those needs.