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It’s A New Day

I will definitely approach the subject when the time is right. It may be too soon right now.

I went to therapy last night and always feel great afterwards. So I’m not sure why I’m feeling a little apprehensive today. Maybe I’m afraid the “joy of discovery” feeling is fading and I have to come back down to earth at some point. They say people don’t change. How do I change who I have been for now than 50yrs? How long will it take? Will it take? Patience is not one of my strong points, lol. Sorry, with all the questions running through my head, I’m just feeling a little down today. I tell myself I can do this. I want to do this. Can I? I know it won’t be as easy as I’m telling myself it will. I know it will take time. I know I have to keep moving forward.I keep wishing I had “woken up” years earlier.

We had a little argument last night. Nothing major. No screaming and yelling. Just your basic disagreement, and I was left wondering if all the arguments will be my fault. Am I saying or doing the right thing, the wrong thing? I do ask, but I wonder if I still come across as condescending. I don’t mean to. I don’t want to. I really try to express that. Maybe she’s still weary about all this. I can’t blame her. I think I may be pushing too hard. Forcing her to accept the new me. I should probably take it down a notch. Give her time to adjust. I would appreciate your thoughts? I have re-read my posts and am left questioning.I seen to be going a mile a minute. Thanks in advance.