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I actually had the opposite of the first post. I was on Amerigen for about 4 months now and it is my first go with adderall(generic) er or any adhd med. Amerigen made me feel like superman, then i got the sandoz since our rx closed a couple of weeks ago. Went to walgreens and got what they gave and it felt like nothing. I am trying to supplement with caffeine and use my homeworks(ir tblets) more often. I stopped taking homeworks since the drop off was such a big hit to my emotions. I have been calling Rxs in the area to see if I can find Amerigen. My Pharmacy friend did say the Pharmacy can put whatever generic they have for the refill. The only way he said you can really tell is by looking at the pill since the label doesnt have to be correct. Word of advice is to take a picture every month just in case they do switch providers. Looking forward to next month when I switch to a different Pharmacy.