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Hi all
I had my first appt regarding this issue. I idiotically found it hard to talk without crying. The doc I saw didn’t know much about adhd but gave me name of a psychologist that I will pursue. I find it hard to open up and although she was very nice she didn’t push me for details and when I volunteered there was no real further prompting rather just advice he needs to seek help.She didn’t seem particularly interested which I guess is understandable I know he does need to find help but I just need to talk about it a bit. Not sure why I was so teary…prob the first time I’ve talked to an a real human being about the issues. I didn’t even really get much out about it at all but I guess that’s what the psychologist is for. Not sure what’s wrong with me, I’m almost regretting telling someone, why do I feel I have to handle everything on my own!! Why couldn’t I just speak about it without the embarrassing torrent of tears. I suppose it will be better with psychologist Anyway don’t really know what I’m saying but thanks for the support. You guys can’t see my tears and have to read all the details (or not) haha. Anonymously it’s easier. On an up note we’ve had a good week. Those between times are just fine! The mess drives me a bit mad but I can cope with that. I’m going to try and get hubby to talk about it more between meltdowns. He has to stay alert to it!!
Hope you’re all going well