Reply To: Motor coordination problems


I had motor problems and they were heightened due to a lack of confidence. I started playing rec league football at 12 in a REALLY competitive league on a dominant team. My offensive capabilities work lackluster but I excelled at the contact portion of the football, so I was subjugated to the OL and DL. My team had a reputation for “hitting hard” so practice was mostly “Oklahoma drills” and “bull in the ring” with a little bit of scrimmaging. Fast forward to high school I started on a 8-2 JV team at MLB/OLB, second-string/situational at OLB and TE for jumbo packages for my junior year lost in two games before states and started at DE on a playoff team my senior year, only to lose the first round.

I said all that to say that practice is BIG, I had one of the best lateral move speed on my teams due to taking interest in ladder drills specifically the “icky shuffle” I would practice this everywhere that I saw some tiles lol in my combine I had a 3.97 shuttle time. I was game fast not track fast lol. And another than that helped me motor wise was the “3 pat drill”

I failed at softball, basketball, and track (400, 800, 300 and hurdles) I was ok at field events (high jump and long jump). I was 5-5 in wrestling but my temper was bad and I quit twice in one season lol.

But yea just practice on by doing things that have similar motor movements and it will become set in your subconscious and become second nature.