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I am also starting to have work problems. I am a nurse in a small office. I work closely with another medical assistant (who insists its the same thing as a nurse and is more experienced than I am even though she is 20 years younger). I have been there almost 2 years more. She wants to change every process if its something she cant remember. We get a long ok most of the time, but lately I am having a hard time holding my tongue. Somehow she has manipulated the doctor into thinking she is just amazing. She leaves early for lunch without cleaning up any of the office, then still takes her lunch. This leaves me with about 15-20 mins for my lunch since I have to do that. She leaves early at the end of the day also because she HAS to get home to her kids. Now she tells me that if her kid is sick with a slight fever the doctor has agreed to let her bring him to work. He nitpicks at my work, which I know is well above hers as patients complain to everyone except the doctor. I am slower, but more detailed. She has told patients incorrect things and it gets back to the doctor and he assumes I said it and then will say well why would the patient lie? As if I am the one lying. Luckily she has admitted to being the one to tell them. But he still continues to accuse me of things. Im wondering if this is because I am too passive and fear speaking with the doctor. Even thinking about it brings me to tears. I also keep thinking that he treats me this way due to what he would think of as making excuses vs me just trying to explain what was going on in my mind that caused whatever judgment that he disagreed with in the early year of my training. Unfortunately he is the only one in the office that likes her. He says yes to everything she asks or wants. I love the patients, my hours and work. But am beginning to resent this girl and my boss. I dont want to explode as its never pretty and the outcome is usually really bad. I have two speeds- passive and crazy. There is nothing in between. For now I plan to focus on just doing my work, trying to talk less and just doing the extra work she causes me and praying he will see the truth or she moves on. Would love other suggestions. My fear to speak with him is still just to overwhelming.