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This is me too!

I think a lot of my “debit card loose in bag” tasks stem from the “now” or “not now” mentality. In other words, I constantly sabotage my future self because my present self doesn’t care about my future self, so future self can deal with it cuz present self just.can’t.even.

But why the heck is my present self such a jerk? I don’t really know, but I imagine it has something to do with ADHD brains not processing rewards like other people and because it knows no reward is involved chemically for responsibly putting away your card, it stops you so you can find something more stimulating to do like get annoyed at yourself for not putting it away and risking losing it. And if you do end up losing it, your brain just banked a bonus adrenaline spike for when you are pulling your wallet out to pay.

I do this all the time- especially when a mundane task requires more than one step (Good to use if you are trying to avoid something like eating junk food). Maybe get rid of your wallet altogether and get a bag you can just drop your debit card in. Then you’ll know it’s always in your bag. One step, no problem.

And the video game thing is totally hyperfocus. It is painful to get pulled out of it, even when you aren’t enjoying what you are focused on anymore. My husband often has the task of pulling me out of the hyperfocus and it almost always intensely irritates me and I have to take a minute to physically walk away from my hyperfocus task. Sometimes it helps to set a time where I will return to the task, but most of the time, leaving a hyperfocus just sucks and makes me irritable.

You might consider upping your meds because the symptoms you described are totally adhd related. I can’t say my meds have completely solved those issues for me, but I am still figuring out my dosages.