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fran w

Hi again, my memory is sooooo bad I actually forgot I wrote on here. By chance I was scrolling through the 1000+ unopened emails on my phone and I so your lovely reply and I was so touched. It’s late, I need to sleep, but I wanted to touch base again, just so you didn’t feel you were being ignored… you write like I think!!! Your whole manner in which you wrote is e Carly how I find myself writing… it made me smile. So much of what you said, actually probably all of it I can relate to, so there’s something you have in common with another!! I’m having a better week, last week was tough, this week not so bad, that’s what I love about waking up every morning, (I used to struggle every single day before diagnosis and medication) the fact that it’s a chance to start again, afresh, anew and it really is… what has passed is in the past, I try not to worry about later in the day let alone tomorrow!! So, sending a virtual hug, thank you for replying and I’ll stay in touch. Fran. X