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It’s A New Day

Sun20 & Hope,

I am brought to tears reading both of your posts knowing that your pain is the torture I have put my wife through for YEARS. How I wish I could get through to your husbands. I am in my 50s, and cannot express the regret I have for not recognizing my ADHD sooner. I commend you both for your courage and strength. What your husbands don’t realize, is that you have a breaking point. And once there, it may be too late. I played the “appease the wife” game and even went to a neurologist. He sided with me and said i had marital issues. He was wrong! I have ADHD! They are doing everything I did, and it almost cost me my wife and family. You do not deserve this. I did not know what I was doing either until I was honest with myself and sought help. Once hit in the face with this,there should be no more denying! Life is too short. I feel truly blessed that I am finally seeing myself for who I am and what I have. I am also saddened to see men denying it. I was that guy too. Please, if there is ANYthing I can do or say to them, do not hesitate to ask. Or perhaps, maybe help explain why they do or say what they do. Stay strong and take care of yourselves.