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I totally understand My son is experiencing this now & it was it his 1st “real” He worked p/t at a Starbucks He learned the menus quickly & was well liked with his peers & customers it kept him busy but he got a new shift mgr who began who made him very nervous bc he wasn’t moving fast enough for him He began cutting 20-25 hr to 8 hours (4 hrs/day) It cost him more money to commute than what he was he making My son finally quit but not w/o telling his mgr off (a no-no) but the anger built up bc he felt like he just couldn’t do anything right He worked 8 mos. & hasn’t worked since He seemed like he was anger to find another position but couldn’t find one he feels is interesting to him He did manage to find some freelance work-acting in an independent film but that lasted 2 mos & didn’t pay much, nonetheless,he enjoyed it! I didn’t even have to wake him up when there were early shootings, but who knows if & when he’ll ever get that opportunity again & what he can do in the mean time He’s 19 & did not want to back to go to college I realize I’m not answering your question specifically; this more of a msg to let you know you’re not alone & I understand I guess we’re both hoping for someone to offer any suggestions