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I have struggled my whole life but only now been diagnosed with ADHD at 27. I never bothered looking into ADHD as I assumed it would have been picked up as a child. So I never even considered it until late 2019. I know it can be frustrating when you meet someone who abuses the system. OCD sufferers have to deal with it all the time. So do all who suffer with any metal health issues. Unfortunately it comes with greater understanding and more awareness of a condition. inevitably a few will intentionally or unintentionally take advantage. My concern is that an over reaction to a minority of people who are “faking” ADHD will only result in genuine cases not seeking the help they need through fear of being called fake or taking advantage. Ultimately more awareness is a good thing. It will help people who are in genuine need. We must simply tolerate those who may not be so genuine. If someone is intentionally faking ADHD or another condition I dare say they are suffering from something if not what they claim. As such we should show some compassion and hope that what ever torments them to the point of lying will one day be resolved. Getting angry will not help us or them. Try to show them the compassion you hope to receive from others. Many people don’t understand ADHD but I hope they do not judge me for it. You may not understand fully what is happening in the lives of those who fake ADHD so show them the same compassion.