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Hi Dave,

I went through it the disability process. It wasn’t so much that the process made “me” feel one way or another; rather I walked away outraged and wondering how the judge got to be in a position of judging ADHD disability claims because she very clearly had a preconceived idea of what “disabled” looks like. And because I am tall, have all my limbs, was a single mother at the time and was buying my house, plus I was fairly attractive, I didn’t fit the “disabled “ mold.

In her opinion, because I read geology books for pleasure, I wasn’t disabled. Because I did some remodeling work on my house that took me years to complete (when it would have taken a normal person a couple of weeks), I wasn’t disabled. Even though I had literally been fired from every job I ever had (over the course of almost 40 yrs), I wasn’t disabled. I had 3-4 letters from friends describing my inabilities to focus or complete daily tasks, but she opined that the letters didn’t deserve any credence because they were based on what she called “self-reporting”, I.e. my complaining rather than my friends’ observations (which was incorrect). She suggested I would benefit from vocational rehabilitation, but failed to comprehend the fact that there was a voc rehab report in my file and that I had already gone through their retraining program. But because I have an extremely high IQ, I couldn’t possibly be disabled.

There was an occupational therapist at my hearing as well, but she said the jobs available to me were as a “garment sorter” or a worker at a cannery! Are you kidding me?!? I was a litigation paralegal for over 20 years and had trouble focusing, and she seriously thought I could maintain a job as garment sorter???

It was very clear that her opinion was extremely prejudicial and she clearly didn’t understand the struggles of someone with ADHD, nor did she bother to learn.

I sincerely hope that you have better luck than I did, and I strongly urge you to appeal any decision that is not in your favor.