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Hi there, @iforgeteverything and @all a little heads up: I sincerely apologize for my English and hope you’ll still be able to follow me; I’m not a native speaker.


Thanks so much for starting this discussion! I actually “came here” debating on whether or not to open up this exact same topic and if yes, where on earth would I even put it exactly!?

First, the obvious caveats:
I’m not a “professional” in any field – let alone one relevant to our topic, such as psychology, psychiatry,neurobiology or neurology.

Therefore, I’m very obviously not qualified to assess or diagnose anyone for/with anything.

I have, however, done a fairly substantial amount of personal research and talked to a lot of different people since my official adulthood diagnosis of severe ADHD of the combined type in March 2015.

My own experience is very similar to what you describe here.

There seems to be a sudden inflation of diagnosis, especially in pretty successful, “high functioning” individuals who at some point develop symptoms like those/similar to those of ADHD which were however never present during their childhood and yet, they get a diagnosis based off of the assumption of their being intellectually gifted (though, again, most never actually get tested for that kind of thing…) and thus supposedly mostly capable of somehow “compensating” the normally pretty obvious, often downright debilitating actual, real life- symptoms of the disorder.

Personally, being squarely in the .1 percentile range has helped me diddly-squat so far… me too: just barely got my secondary education, never actually came through training for any one job in spite of several attempts, still can’t “manage” even living in my own place, on my own…

So, yeah. But then again, I AM kind of smart so, I’ve got that going for me. *snicker*

One particularly off-putting side effect of this “trend” being the whole “positive sides of ADHD” … movement for lack of a better term…

Okay, so,um,PEOPLE have positive traits,strengths, virtues etc; a disorder can force you to develop coping strategies that you wouldn’t have developed otherwise and if you can look at it a certain way, its challenges can truly help you grow as a person so on but guys, ADHD is a DISORDER. It’s NOT a gift.
You can be a wonderful person IN SPITE of ADHD, NOT because of it!

The other pretty seriously problematic development is to increasingly write off (formerly) core ADHD symptoms to completely different disorders in order to include the ones without those problems within the ADHD-Spectrum.

And it’s this development that really tends to hurt me personally the most because I feel and AM increasingly isolated because of it, so I’m right there with you, dear @iforgeteverything and it’s starting to seriously get under my skin and make me unbelievably angry.

Now, I’m not saying that the “less severe cases” or cases of something else entirely don’t have problems that need to be addressed, mind you! That is not my point in all of this!

I do think, however, that the professionals involved need to do their homework way better than they are right now because getting misdiagnosed helps precisely nobody!

Best wishes,