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Find it hard to read instructions, I will either figure it out myself or need something visual like a video, though if it’s long I struggle to get through it

If I canʼt find the thing Iʼm looking for get stressed and obsessed. Will be late to something really important just to find the thing. Allow my brain to turn off

Leave things last minute so itʼs more of an emergency to get done. Tried in good time. Spend more time distracted

Have special places for my stuff so I always know where important stuff is. If it’s not in it’s place I haven’t a clue where it is. Learned behaviour to stop the stress

Have a good visual memory, which helps me to find things if I’ve seen them around the house

Remember having mood swings as a child. Especially with computer games. Kicked my friends SNES cos I lost at SF2. Still feel bad lol

Find it hard to prioritise tasks

Find it hard to get comfortable when relaxing

Drift off in conversation with people

Sometimes insulted people at work if they donʼt get my point. Can’t stop myself, and don’t always realise why people take it personally.

Have got up and left jobs and college, uni lessons. Bored.

Can focus well after more extreme exercise

Useless with money. Debts etc