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I am only using a paper book, as writing things down really helps me structure and remember. I have tried TONS of different planners and have not really found anything that is suiting my needs. I love all the thoughtful, mindfulness, productive, etc… content of many planners but quickly realise that on a day to day basis this is overwhelming for me. So for now I have settled on 2 basic needs: having a one page with the days of the week for appointment, etc… and then the other page as a place to jot down to-do list. I used something equivalent to the moleskine weekly planner ( last year, but this year I have more appointments and things to do, so I created my own template and I am using more of a bullet journal type, but with preset pages for the monthly and weekly (

I have a separate perpetual calendar for birthdays, so I don’t need to write it down every year again….