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Hi again Sun20
You answered my post struggling marriage and I’ve just found yours. Wow we do have similar experiences! I read somewhere that ADHD patients find weed quite stabilising to their mood so maybe that’s why he’s attracted to it (similar situation here but not excessive, well hidden from family and no pressure on me, sometimes I think it does actually help calm him down)
The rages are out of control explosive and totally unreasonable aren’t they!really scary and feel so unfair and unjust! My kids are older we only have one left at school but they all still live at home. Does your husband have a kind side, obviously he must have for you to have married him? That’s the only thing that has kept me going all these years but recently reaching the tipping point! Mine is much worse when he has work stress. Every place he’s worked at he has someone who’s “out to get him” or “undermining him” or something!! Then when he very agitatedly debriefs with me after work (never mind about my busy day🙄) unless I fully agree with his paranoid version of events and fan the flames, I’m “not supportive” or “negating everything he says”….I’m a positive glass half full, always trying to find a solution kind of person
Anyway finally he seems to now be taking a bit of responsibility, hope he doesn’t flip flop!! It might be because his father died last year, they were close and he was loyal but my father in law was a very authoritative man. Maybe that’s freed him a bit but who knows
I don’t really have any advice other than to say you are not alone!! Hang in there and keep talking x